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Professional Radiant Floor Heat & HVAC Supplies & Fabrication!

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About Shelter Craft Supply

Shelter Craft Supply is the mid-west expert in custom fabrication of parts & supplies for installation of radiant floor heating systems. We can custom build mechanical's, manifolds on-site, on location or in our warehouse facility located in Angola, Indiana. Our trained technicians and fabricators are capable of fabricating our radiant heating systems for any type of home, commercial building and agricultural building. Contact Shelter Craft Supply today for additional information regarding our process of design and supplies.

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Our Services

  • Radiant Floor Heating Supplier

  • Radiant Heat Fabrication & Installation

  • Radiant Floor Heating Logistics and Design

  • Snow Melt Systems Supplier

  • Snow Melt Systems Logistics & Design

  • Tank-less Water Heater Supplier

  • Tank-less Water Heater Fabrication & Installation

  • Geo-Thermal Heating & Cooling Supplier

  • Geo-Thermal Fabrication & Installation

  • Geo-Thermal Systems Logistics & Design

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact us by completing the contact form or by calling Shelter Craft Supply or Indiana Warm Floor's directly at 260.668.​8836.

Or visit Indiana Warm Floors website by clicking the link below!

Please contact us by completing the form below. A response from our representatives should be expected withing 24 hours.

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Our Partner


Indiana Warm Floors LLC is a privately owned and operated company that offers a wide range of HVAC services. We specialize in Radiant floor heating systems. Radiant floor heating systems are efficient and effective ways to heat or cool garages, driveways, patios, hot tubs, commercial buildings, farm structures, and so much more.

Indiana Warm Floors proudly offers all of their services within the entire states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. If you are interested in a consultation or an installation outside of our service area then please contact a sales representative at Indiana Warm Floors for additional information.

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Radiant Floor Heating: How It All Works

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